Ever wanted to try out a fragrance but a small sample is not enough and smaller full presentations of a fragrances are too pricey? We have a solution for you. We offer 10ml decants in a quality glass sprayer atomiser in an aluminium case . 160-180 sprays are clearly enough to test out a fragrance before buying a full bottle or you can try out a fragrance with us every month and you can prevent to be bored of a fragrance. If you like to try out a new fragrance every now and then our decants will be perfect for you. Our decant bottle with a cool look is even perfect for a gift :)

Frequently asked questions

What is a decant - A decant is a bigger sample made from an authentic perfume transferring it to an empty atomiser with a sprayer. Products ordered from our shop are always authentic and made in a quality atomiser.

How can I pay - For Our clients from Europe we offer paying with a credit card via webpay.

How long it takes to receive a package - 3-7 workdays. Every order placed within 12pm is shipped within the same day

We offer

  • Slovak Post Service - First Class Priority Shipping With Tracking.